York Beach

York Beach 2014
York Beach 2014

We made it to the east coast about as far as you can get: York Beach, Maine, lands end. As you can see, we could go no further, even with four wheel drive.

Note how nice the weather looks. Didn’t last long. The rains moved in on the 3rd of July and stayed until the morning we left.

We’d like to thank the warm air coming up from the Gulf of Mexico and Hurricane Aurthur for allowing us to stay in our camper all day long.

We did get to eat some lobster though and that kinda made things OK. Almost. Seems like since we got to the east coast, the rains have come. No, we didn’t bring them from Oregon, but try and tell that to the locals…

We stayed at the York Beach Camper Park and despite what some of the reviews say (we wrote our own to counter some of the garbage people wrote) the park was comfortable and the owners nice people. They had a couple of unusual rules, which is why some complained. We had no problems and our stay was pleasant.