Cousin Alain and Washington DC

Gallivanting in Vienna VA and Washington DC, 8 & 9 July. It is a relatively short drive from Columbia MD to Vienna VA. However, one does have to drive around Washington DC, which has LOTS of traffic. We departed Columbia mid morning in order to get to Vienna prior to afternoon traffic. No problem, thankfully.

Alain’s House.

  • Parrot & Football. Alain’s family welcomed us to their home, well, except one of the parrots. The parrot wanted to make sure we knew who ruled the roost. He vigorously bounced a ball with a bell in it as part of his alpha bird display. We respectfully acknowledged his parrot dominance. Then, we spent the afternoon watching world cup football (soccer).
  • Family News. As with all our visits to family, we spent a good amount of time catching up on family news. The result? We are all just fine!
  • Garden. Cousin Alain has put in quite the vegetable garden, including several varieties of tomato, lettuce, corn and assorted veggies. He has a solar powered electric fence system for thwarting squirrels and ground hogs. The fresh produce made for a most excellent salad; yumm!
  • Beer Tasting. Just the right thing to do while watching world cup football (soccer). We compared east coast and west coast craft microbreweries and liked them all.

Alain & DC’s Mall. It had been more than 25 years since we had been to the museums in downtown DC. Cousin Alain took us down to explore for a few hours.

  • WWII & Washington Memorial. We had not been to the World War II Memorial in DC. We thought it compliments the Washington Memorial and the Reflecting Pool; nice design!
  • Lincoln Memorial. At the other end of the Reflecting Pool, Abe continues to be grand.
  • Lunch. Alain took us to one of the grills downtown. After a couple of hours in the heat and humidity, a lunch break was a necessity! OK, not just any grill; it was the Old Ebbit Grill. We had a wonderful lunch and service. Perfecto!
  • Museum of Natural History – Gems & Rocks. One thing that makes a museum extra special is if one of the group has knowledge about the subject. One of Alain’s hobbies is collecting rocks and gems. His enthusiasm for the subject, plus the stunning collection at the Museum of Natural History made for an excellent visit.