Wappapello Lake


We couldn’t make Hopkinsville in one day, so we stopped at Wappapello Lake, north of Poplar Bluff, MO. The Corp of Engineers know how to build campgrounds. Of course, they probably get more money to play with the Big Boy Toys and thus make better campgrounds than the National Park Service.

There were multiple campgrounds and we stayed at People Creek where the sites were at least 25 feet apart, level, with water, electric, and fire pits. Ten bucks for old farts with Golden Age pass. Can’t beat that with a stick – no matter how hard you try. An additional bonus was we were out of the wind in a “valley”.

In another life, Robert was in Aircraft, Control, and Warning in the Air Force. Since he got out he never met someone in the same career field. Until now. Our campground host, Don, was in the maintenance side of radar scopes, while Robert was on the display side. Needless to say, they spent some time talking about radar sites they had in common. Much fun for Robert, while Peggy stood around taking pictures and wondering if they would ever stop talking!

After the sun went down, it cooled down enough to sleep comfortably. In our All Terrain Camper and not a motel room. A restful night followed.

We awoke the next morning, anxious to get to Hoptown and see old friends who know the meaning of “Southern Hospitality”.

By the way, we passed this sign along the road that answered the eternal question: Where did Buffalo Springfield get their name?