Visiting Nesbitt in Columbia, MD

Columbia 2014 020FI

Driving to Nesbitt’s
After our visit to New England, we headed south on July 5th toward Columbia MD, home to one of Peggy’s mentors, Nesbitt. It was an interesting drive through five states: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. On Sunday, the 6th of July, it was on through southern New York and down Pennsylvania toward the Mason-Dixon Line and Maryland. Being the end of the 4th of July weekend, you can imagine there was lots of traffic. Finally, we rolled in to Columbia, MD

Nesbitt, Former Supervisor at WRAIR
Nesbitt was a career biochemist at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). His career spanned four decades and included work on all sorts of projects for the Army. Peggy was fortunate to have served in his lab from 1982 to 1985. During that time, Peggy learned how to do high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) from Nesbitt, among many other things.

One of the things about Nesbitt that Peggy admired was his collaboration with other scientists within the WRAIR’s medical research institution. They worked on everything from nerve agent antidotes to anti-malarial drugs to identifying markers for organ donor rejection. The lab was a hub of science activity and an interesting place to work.

Nesbitt and Peggy spent time catching up on friends and associates. It was fun to learn what Nesbitt had worked on since 1985. For example, Nesbitt volunteered at the local high school, guiding budding scientists on learning how to conduct research projects

Son Michael & Maryland Crabs
In reading this blog, you might think that we are grazing our way across America. In a way we are. Nesbitt’s son and two children dropped by with several dozen Maryland crab, some snow crab legs and other goodies. It had been, oh, about 30 years since we had enjoyed eating Maryland crab. We asked Michael for a demonstration and he obliged. After trying her hand a three or four, Peggy was ready for another demonstration. They take practice! But they certainly are yummy and worth the effort.

Lemon Drop Martini’s
Just as we are sampling the food from the different regions across our country, we are trying different beverages. Nesbitt introduced Peggy to Lemon Drop Martini’s. One could easily develop a taste for these beverages; just the think for a hot, humid afternoon!

Thank You!
As we departed Columbia, MD for our next destination, we bid Nesbitt a fond farewell. We appreciate his generosity.