Tucson 2015 026

Visiting with Steve in Tucson is more fun than irritating Sgt. Percy – Steve and Robert’s First Sergeant in the Air Force – or celebrating Labor Day in Seaside, Oregon. We didn’t get thrown in jail; we didn’t get busted (lose a stripe); and we didn’t have to call Robert’s father for bail money. Pretty boring time, altogether.

Just kidding. We ALWAYS have a good time when we visit. We eat too much, drink too much, and reminisce far too much. (But, hey, that’s what Old Farts do.) Steve’s cooking skills have replaced his drinking skills and he’s much better at cooking. The heat was terrible, so most of our activities were inside with the exception of a visit to an art gallery*. So, over three days, put on four pounds and lost 32 more gray hairs; one gains, the other loses.

* Steve took us to Ettora De Grazia Gallery in the Sun. The gallery is impressive. One gets a true sense of the artist’s work. If you look at De Grazia’s work, you may recognize it. One of his paintings was used by UNICEF for their Christmas card; it was one of their most popular editions.