Visiting Niece Shauna & Athens GA

Shanna and Peggy

*Update: Shauna has moved a step up the career ladder and is no longer in Athens.

Niece Shauna took good care of us and showed us a good time in Athens, GA when we visited in mid July.

Camping in Georgia

After our fun in Raleigh, NC with David and Elisa, we headed further south. We stayed one night at Corps of Engineers’ Payne’s Creek Campground, on the Hartwell Reservoir. The reservoir is on the South Carolina and Georgia border. It was a nice campground, what we have come to expect from the Corps of Engineers. Interestingly enough, the campground is in a “dry county” – no alcohol, something we had not considered and ran into several time while roaming through the south.

Shauna’s Hotel

Athens is just a short drive from Hartwell Reservoir. We arrived late morning at what we call Shauna’s Hotel, the Holiday Inn. Niece Shauna is the manager and she treated her aunt and uncle to a nice room. The Holiday Inn is located in downtown Athens, directly across the street from the University of Georgia. Yes, red and black university colors are everywhere around Athens.

Shauna’s “Bubble”.

You met the nicest people in a bar. Robert met Peggy in a bar. We met Nelson and Elizabeth in the Trappeze bar in Athens, GA

Being a most excellent manager of guest services, Shauna has learned the area around her hotel. She knows the area around the Holiday Inn and can help visitors find something that suits their needs. We set about the business of sampling the local fare. Here are just three of the places we visited.

Last Resort Grill. We liked the “Last Resort Grill” so much that we went there several times, trying different items on the menu. We were not disappointed. Its a short walk from the Holiday Inn.

Trappeze Pub. This is another fun place not far from Shauna’s hotel. They do have an extensive beer selection and we were not disappointed.

The Roof Top, Georgia Theatre. We could see Shauna’s hotel from the Roof Top. We had a pleasant evening and sampled their beer selection.

Just a note, we like sampling local craft beers. We found it impressive to see the wonderful selection of fine, craft beers being brewed around our country.

University of Georgia’s Museum of Natural History

It was rather warm when we visited Athens. We took advantage of air conditioning, staying mostly indoors during the day. However, we decided we wanted to go out and walk around. We walked across the street over to the University of Georgia to check out their Museum of Natural History. Visitors get to see a sample of the museum’s collections in a small room. We were expecting something more on the magnitude of the national Museum of Natural History, which was unrealistic. The brochure said it was a sampling, and that’s what we saw.

After our walk to and from the museum in the mid-day sun and heat, we wisely avoided being out during the middle of the day.

Next: Atlanta, GA

We were honored to be treated so generously by our niece Shauna. Thank you Shauna, we had a great time. Even so, it was time to head on down the road toward Atlanta, GA and cousin Lee.