Merrimack, NH

Merrimack 2014 001 1

Merrimack is one of the main reasons for this adventure: it’s the site of Matthew Thornton’s home and grave site.  Matthew Thornton was the last signature on the Declaration of Independence and an uncle of Peggy’s (great, great, great, etc).  So, this was a history plus an ancestry stop for us.

We had dinner at Uncle Matt’s house – now a restaurant – and met three of the staff: Courtney, Brittany, and Jessica (hope we have them in the right order).  We discovered that, oddly, there was very little about the house available to patrons and the waitstaff knew nothing about the house or the former resident!  Perhaps American history is so abundant that folks here don’t think about it.

The saving grace was the escargot and mussels were wonderful and the waitstaff was efficient.  After informing the manager (with a wink) that no one serves Knob Creek (a wonderful Kentucky whiskey) or any whiskey with a PLASTIC STRAW (our friend in Kentucky, who knows fine Kentucky whiskey, threatened to go all “Lexington and Concord” on them).  We departed in good spirits.

As you can see from the photos, we explored the Thornton graveyard.  What you may not be able to see is the inscription on Thornton’s tombstone.  To single him out, his tombstone reads: “The Honest Man”.  One could not ask for a more impressive comment on one man’s life and a worthy goal for all of us.