Lake Texoma

More friendly than the human host.

In 1970, Robert returned from Vietnam and was assigned to Perrin Air Force Base and, eventually, assigned to Lake Texoma recreational area (now Sheppard AFB recreational area). It was grand fun! Robert had one boss and his commanding officer (and retention officer) – who tried to convince Robert to stay in the Air Force. (Sorry, Colonel.)

Returning to the area was a big disappointment. Robert couldn’t find a single building he could recall – even with photos. And, oddly enough, the person who ran the place didn’t seem the least bit interested in the area’s past. She’d been there some 20 years and still had no interest in the history of the place. Very disappointing.

The campground was lit up like a holiday tree, it has so many powerful lights around the area. We still don’t understand why campgrounds put these huge, bright lights everywhere. When we camp, we like the darkness so we can see stars, not these powerful lights. We’d found a couple of other campgrounds like that. Stupid.

All photos here were taken in 1970.