Kansas, Toto


We left the mountains of Colorado and traded them for the plains of Kansas, where we ran into very high winds. They made driving tiresome and cut our gas mileage way down. We stopped the first night in Ft. Dodge at the Watersports Campground. The “water” part was nowhere to be found; it seems the river that once flowed by is now dried up. Adding the winds made it impossible to sleep, so at 0200, Robert said “Enough is enough.” and we checked into a motel so we could sleep.

Hugo, Kansas
Hugo, Kansas

The next night, when we got to Missouri, it was the same, so we checked into another motel in Nevada. Nevada, MO, that is. We stayed at the appropriately named “Nevada Inn” and were amazed. We asked to see the room first and walked into the LARGEST motel room ever. Two king beds, separate shower and bath, two sinks, and a vanity area! Holy Cow, Batman, it’s a palace! Clean and comfortable, we recommend the Nevada Inn if you’re in the area.

And, after passing 8 thousand feedlots with a gazillion cows, we (or at least Robert) had a hankering for moo. The proprietor of the motel recommended the Backroad Steak House, so off we went.

The place was reminiscent of a back road bbq in Texas – out in the boonies, kinda run down, dark inside with velvet paintings. We ordered ribeye steak for two. For 26 bucks. That’s right, a 16 oz steak for two only $26. We had more than our fill. If you want a good steak, go there!

We’re off towards a campground near Loma Linda, MO. As with each day, we start our drive with a salute to Robert’s late Uncle Teen. We took Teen on a couple of trips with us and each day he’d start the journey with “On the road again!” Robert has named our truck Silver and now we have a new twist. Robert now starts the journey with, you guessed it, “Hi, ho, Silver, away!”

We passed thru Hugo, KS with their sand greens golf course and wonderful plaza with the Turkey Crossing Cafe across the street. Cute!