Ft. Collins and Denver


We spent the next four days off the road visiting relatives in Fort Collins and Denver. It was wonderful seeing nieces, nephews, great nephews and sisters.

In Ft. Collins, we finally met our great nephews, Thad and Thayne, or as we call them TNT. They were dynamite! Almost five and six, they were full of energy and more fun than the proverbial barrel of monkeys. Evidently, Robert looks like their grandfather to them and that’s what they chose to call him. Explanation fell on confounded ears, so, we tried Uncle Grandpa, but even that didn’t work. So, Robert is now a grandpa for now.

In Denver, we visited Peggy’s twin (fraternal) sister, Mikie. Way too much food and fun followed, starting with a place that serves the largest margaritas you ever saw. That’s Mikie with a MEDIUM size one!