Dinosaur NM


Dinosaur National Monument was not on our original itinerary; the last we heard, it was closed when the observation housing collapsed.  We learned that it had reopened, so off we went!

The old observation platform was built on unstable ground and within a few years, it had to be condemned.  That was back somewhere around 2005.  They (the government) built a new platform and this time made a better foundation (hopefully).  It’s wonderful they have restored an important part of our ability to see some of this planet’s history.

This was the second time we’ve been here and it was just as interesting and fun as it was the first time.  So many bones in one place, like Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, you need someone to guide you through the jumble.  We, again, had a knowledgeable Ranger to rely on to point out the various parts embedded in the wall.

We stayed at the campground on the Green River.  It’s a nice campground with room for RV’s, but no hookups on the side we stayed in (don’t know about the other).  One of the things we enjoyed on our previous visit was the Sand Hill cranes that migrate thru.  The Ranger in the observatory said that migration had past and hadn’t seen any cranes in quite a while.  The only thing he got wrong.

In camp that evening while Peggy was making dinner, Robert saw what he thought was a large Blue Heron.  Except this bird’s neck was extended.  Herons don’t fly like that.  Robert called to Peggy, pointed out the bird, and she confirmed Sand Hill crane.  Then, as if to give us the whole enchilada, the crane circled our camp in a 360 turn and then flew to the opposite shore.  WAY TOO COOL!!!!  We stood there in awe, trying to catch every single vision we could of this incredible critter.

We slept to a chorus of crickets, frogs, and yet another chat bird that likes to “sing” before the sun comes up.  Silly bird.