Cousin Lee, History and Atlanta, GA

Atlanta 2014 007

In Atlanta, we visited cousin Lee and her family: son’s Daniel and Nicholas; daughter Anna. They were a delight to visit.

Lee and her family live close to Stone Mountain, Georgia. It is granite geological feature that is the center of a county theme park (see photo below). It was a nice place to camp; they have lots of spaces and the camp ground is on a lake. But, we didn’t explore the park; instead we went to Lee’s house and Atlanta.

Lee’s eldest son, Daniel, recently graduated from college. Her youngest, daughter Anna, just graduated from high school and is getting ready for college this fall. As you might imagine, things are a bit busy in the household. We had a pleasant evening of conversation about all sorts of topics and excellent steak, courtesy of family chef Anna.

The National Center for Civil & Human Rights Museum in Atlanta

While in the area, Lee took us the newly opened National Center for Civil & Human Rights Museum. It’s situated in downtown Atlanta (Centennial Olympic Park) right across from the Coca Cola Museum; oddly enough. The Civil & Human Rights Museum is STUNNING! WOW! The displays are great, organized, interesting, enlightening and compelling. They tell a great story.

We started in the basement. You get to see several important early documents, including some of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s original notes and writings. It was tantalizing. For example, there was a document on Dr. King’s thoughts regarding the Viet Nam War. But, we didn’t get to see the entire document, which we would have liked to sit, read and think about. Still, to see the original document was powerful.

To walk up and taken in the displays all the way to the third floor is like walking a crescendo; the story gets enlarges as you go. So much of our history as a people. We were awe-struck.

We recommend taking in the museum if and when you are in Atlanta, GA.


Lunch in Atlanta was at Ruth Chris’ Steak House, not far from the Civil Rights Museum. Its in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park. We had an excellent lunch and the atmosphere was relaxed. It gave us time to take in what we had just seen at the museum.

Family History

After a day of exploring the civil rights museum history, Peggy returned with Lee to her home. Lee gave Peggy and insight into Family History Excavating and Detective Work 101. Lee has been working on the family genealogy since her teenage years as a hobby and passion. Its not easy because you have to find the documents that verify the family tree. On Peggy’s “Thornton/Lane” side of the family (Peggy’s Mom; Lee’s Dad), history goes to the 1600s, though its not complete.

The South

Did we say heat and humidity? If we haven’t pointed it out already, it was warm and humid during our stay in Georgia. There were plenty of birds & bugs to entertain us.

Most of all, the hospitality was kind, generous and thoughtful. Thank you Lee, Daniel, Nicholas and Anna!

The Adventure Continues

There is much to see and do in Atlanta. But, it was time to move on. Next up? We started our swing back west by heading toward Tuskegee, Alabama.