Cousin David, Elisa & Raleigh, NC

Raleigh 2014 016

Raleigh Summer Weather

Thunder, rain, heat and humidity; welcome to Raleigh NC! ” Well it’s hurricane season…” Cousin David says. Typical summer weather.

Next Generation

When we arrived in Raleigh after a long day of driving, the next generation of David and Elisa’s family was preparing dinner for us. Son Ike was making his debut as family chef; daughter Jana was helping out in the kitchen. Eldest son Coby was out working at “Chik-Fil-A”. Our dinner was wonderful; the food and conversation were great.

Andrew, the Go to Beer Guy

David & Elisa’s Raleigh Neighborhood

David and Elisa live in a fun neighborhood. For example, their house is a hundred years old or so. Down the street, there is an excellent pizza place, coffee cafe and, our favorite, a craft beer bottle store. Robert and I had never seen anything quite like it. You walk in to the store, “Crafty Beer” and it is wall to wall with fine beers from around our country and the world. What is even better is the enthusiasm and professionalism of the staff. Andrew was on duty when we visited and he knew his beers. We had a great time. Of course a few bottles and a couple of t-shirts went home with us.


Back to David, Elisa and family. Its a lively household. Son Coby works, as mentioned before. Son Ike plays soccer (football) and coaches. Daughter Jana was going to “design camp” held at NC State. We appreciated their generosity. Oh, and one must not forget the latest addition to the family — puppy Margo. Fun!

Speaking of family, David is cousin Alain’s older brother; see previous post.


We liked Raleigh, the interesting neighborhoods, lush green vegetation and of course, the warm welcome of cousin David and Elisa’s family.