Bedford, MA

Bedford 2014 009

Also on our list of history/ancestry things to do was visit the Job Lane home in Bedford, MA. Thru the Lane’s branch of her family, Peggy can trace her ancestry back to 1632 – twelve years after Plymouth Rock.

We arrived and found the home closed and only open two Sundays a month. We wandered around the property taking pictures, when Peggy discovered a note by the front door. It said that if you were not a Bedford resident (the Lanes were one of the founding families) and had traveled a long distance (Oregon qualified), then call one of the numbers listed on the note. We did and Jeanette, after hearing our story, excitedly said she’d be right over. After all, it’s not every day that a relative of this historic home comes calling.

Jeanette was a most gracious hostess and gave us the Grand Tour of the home and it’s history. It, unlike the visit to the Thornton home, was a real trip back into history! There was even a singular piece of furniture owned by the original occupants! Most of the furnishings were period pieces donated or on loan from many kind and generous folks that, too, appreciated the history of the house. We spent over an hour touring the home and a new barn being constructed with the same sort of architecture of the period. The builders even went and studied barns and techniques before they began the design and construction. Impressive!