Aspen Campground


We decided to take CO Hwy 14 to Ft. Collins (relatives await) and are glad we did!  What a beautiful drive! The road wanders thru the mountains, up and down, and some times you’d swear sideways as well.

We spent the night at the Aspen Campground in Roosevelt National Park – a primitive (pit potty and a water at a well with a hand pump that took a couple of minutes of pumping to get water) site with seven spaces.  We had the place all to ourselves and it looked like we might be the first of the year to use it.  Snow capped mountains in the background, Aspen trees here and there and a couple of hummingbirds that thought we were intruders (we were).  You will notice in the photo that we were surrounded by a herd of Mountain Yellow Flowers or dandy lions as they are known to some.  Yellow seemed to be the color, since most of the flowers (besides the dandy lions) were yellow.  Bees would have to be wearing blindfolds not to see them.

The heater the folks at All Terrain Campers installed for the trip worked perfect!  After figuring out the proper combination of heater and the opening in the roof vent, we achieved the perfect balance (with things closed up, it heats the “bedroom” too hot) And we needed it in the morning when we awoke to 35 degree temperatures!  Deciding that a breakfast somewhere warmer was a really good idea, we had our usual jolts of espresso, then headed down the other side.

We found a pleasant place for breakfast with more hummingbirds than we could count, then continued our journey thru some awesome scenery.