2002 Trip to Hopkinsville, KY

In 2002 and we hadn’t even been retired for a year, but off we went heading back east to Hopkinsville, KY to visit friends we hadn’t seen since 1990.

Our route was north through Bottineau, ND to visit one of Peggy’s army mentors: Big Al.  From there our journey took us through some place in Illinois and a Jellystone Campground where Peggy had a run-in with wasps, losing 5 zip. To add insult to injury, the camp was staffed with people (teeny boppers) that had no idea what to do or what kind of medical supplies they had on hand. In summary: they were absolutely useless. We will never stay at a theme camp again.

On we trekked, down to Hopkinsville and the fine southern hospitality shown us years before, by John and Helen (and now, Allison, too). Fine food, music, and wine was the order of the visit and it was fun to see the latest addition to their family.  This wasn’t really a photo op kind of trip, so we don’t have any of Hoptown – we were too busy eating and drinking.

Big Al's - Bottineau, ND

Carlsbad Caverans

Next stop was Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. What a wonderful sight to see MILLIONS of bats flying out of the cave!

Next on the Adventure was Albuquerque, NM and a visit with relatives. It was the usual good time in ABQ with family, but, we were soon off to see some more of our national parks. This time the Grand Canyon.

Zion Canyon

Zion was next after a drive around to the east up 89 to 89a, past the Vermilion Cliffs, then back on 89 to 9 that runs into the park. Not only was the drive to Zion incredible, but Zion itself is impressive. We stayed at a campground at the east entrance to the park (not sure if it’s still there) and drove in from there. After a couple of days, we headed to Bryce Canyon.

Grand Canyon

This wasn’t the first time to the Grand Canyon for Robert, but it was the first introduction to this wonderment for Peggy. If you’ve ever been there, just think of the first time you could take in the canyon’s full splendor and how overwhelming it was. That’s how she felt. Shut her right up – even though she wasn’t talking. The first view can do that to you.

Grand Canyon (East)

Grand Canyon (South)

Bryce Canyon

Bryce is another of those awe-inspiring places that one can spend a lifetime exploring. With a exhausting trail system, wandering for days amongst the towering hoodoo’s is exhilarating and fascinating all rolled into one. Robert had been to Bryce on a motorcycle in the 1970’s and had a wonderful time.

After Bryce, we wandered back home to hibernate until the next great adventure.